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I have a question regarding the most appropriate fit of a standard curve in an enzyme-linked lectin assay set-up to quantify the amount of mucin secretion in conjunctival explant cultures. I want to compare the following three conditions; (I) basal mucin secretion in their normal culture medium, (II) secretion after a starvation period, and (III) intracellular mucin content (obtained through a freeze-thaw cycle).

We recently discovered that the optical density of our standard curve differs when made in the three media related to the three conditions. We not only obtained different values, the resulting standard curve also had a different type of curve as best fit. For example, one standard curve benefits from a linear curve while the standard curve in a different media shows an exponential curve as best fit. The question now is if it is appropriate to just use the best fit for each standard curve within the experiment or should we use one fit (for example linear or polynomial curve grade 4) for the three standard curves?

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