Hello, I am currently conducting a lineage tracing experiment where I need to count GFP+ cells in multiple compartments of ductal epithelium (frozen tissue sections of an inducible Cre mouse with mT/mG reporter).

Attached is an example image, I need # of GFP+ cells in each of the circled compartments counted separately and also a count of GFP+ cells along the epithelium (straight yellow line indicates this area for an example). (Yes I am aware the number of GFP+ cells in this image is low, this differs wildly between control and experimental groups)

Up to this time I have been doing these counts manually, but with the number of sections I need to count this is becoming unfeasible.

Could someone point me in the direction of Image J tutorials so that I can learn how to automate this process? (I also have access to Halo software)

Thanks for your time!


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