24 February 2021 3 1K Report

Hi all,

I’ve made a custom antibody detection ELISA with a Corning Co-Star plate. Coated with antigen, followed by blocking and drying. Ran the standards on the plate and got good recovery (+/- 10%). The next week, I ran the same standards on the same plate, and while I got good recovery again, the OD values had shifted lower by almost 20%.

I’m not sure why there has been a shift, because all the material was stored at the right temperature.

So, I ran a short accelerated stability study to check where my main degradaption was occurring. kept two of the three variable components (plate, detection, standards) at 2-8 C, and used the third component fresh.

According to these studies, it’s the standards that have the maximum degradation (about 110% drop in OD values in 10 days). The other two were degrading by ~10-20%.

What do you recommend for stabilising the standards? As I’m looking to keep this ELISA for at least 6 months.

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