24 February 2021 2 10K Report

I am trying to characterize an electrochromic system. The system uses ITO electrodes on glass, WO3 as the electrochromic film, and NiO as the ion storage layer. When I deposit NiO and WO3 and take the CV in a three electrode potentiostat system, the colour changes and the CV is good. However, when I use an LITFSI in EMI-TFSI electrolyte with PMMA electrolyte and form an electrochromic device with a 2 electrode setup (the counter and reference electrodes are connected together) in my potentiostat, it does not work. The colour does not change and the CV shows either zero current or behaves like a resistor with a constant linear slope. Does anyone have any ideas on why the films work but the device does not?

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