30 December 2019 3 393 Report

Now days the feeling bored and alone is very cruel and damage your life ,. Iloneliness is boring. Your keen observation reveal that when some people when among lot of friends also, will be discussing about the boring even when they are all together!. It clearly reveals that it's not the loneliness is boring. If you have thought that it is boring, everything is boring. Sometimes because you don't like a thing it becomes boring. If you think that it is very interesting and you also like it to be so, love it,then it's not boring including the loneliness.

The acceptance! We should be able to accept what we are and what we have and to meet any situation or difficulty without loosing our balance,will never be boring! Here I am reminded of some lines by the American poet,Walt Whitman. They emphasise the point that unlike animals we often overreact and do not know the technique of avoiding unnecessary emotions and anxieties. The lines of the poet are,I think I could turn and live with animals, they are so placid and self-contained, they do not sweat and whine about their condition.

Instead of feeling bored, one can accept the situation and use it for retrospection and modifications to become a great character.

The case of boring and feel that you are sad and your life is without target ,so how can you overcome this bad feelings?

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