Hello, I am developing a device that can perform various functions of a titrator, burette, and dropping funnel. The main thinking part is the control board with 4” touch screen with various sensors connected including pH and redox electrodes, thermocouple and high-precision peristaltic pump.

I can pinpoint the following uses:

- Instead of dropping funnel when I need to add something to the reaction mixture but I need to not exceed some temperature or stay in the defined pH range

- As a titrator (both pH and redox)

- As a recorder of the conditions for a very long processes (I used it for temperature/pH/redox activity recording for a week in electrolysis of sodium chlorate).

I’ve added USB/Bluetooth and developed the app that allows to update the firmware and control the device remotely, synchronize and view data. Also I have several inputs so user can synchronize my device with his own arduino / raspberry pi for some complex experiments.

I am looking for feedback and would be very grateful for any. What do you think of my device? What features do you like or dislike? What functions do you think are missing or unnecessary?

I appreciate any comments or suggestions that you can share with me. If you are interested in some specific feature, I can go into that direction and implement it.

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