18 December 2020 17 2K Report

Almost 50% of US residents and ~ 33 % Britons have refused vaccination on one pretext or the other!! Angst related to side effects could be a cause or the alacrity of the vaccination's manufacture may be enough ground for suspicion!

"Recent evidence of the efficacy and safety of a number of in-development COVID-19 vaccines has provided hope that the pandemic may soon end.However, first, people must be willing to receive the vaccine.A survey from September 2020 found that only about half of U.S. adults were definitely or probably willing to be vaccinated.A quarter were probably not willing, and just under a quarter would not get the vaccine, according to the participants’ responses.

The survey revealed that a key anxiety concerns the speed at which the new vaccines were developed. Many may wonder whether corners have been cut in testing for safety.

This is not the case: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the vaccines have undergone rigorous safety testing, and monitoring for adverse effects will continue.Nonetheless, pervasive safety concerns could dissuade significant numbers from getting vaccinated — delaying the achievement of herd immunity and extending the amount of time that people are at risk of COVID-19.Another issue is access. If getting vaccinated is difficult — due to limited sites of vaccination or issues of cost — this may prevent immunization for many people."




Coronavirus Cases:

75.395 million


1.671 million


52.949 million

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