As part of simulation of gases mixture and water, I need to calculate viscosity of the fluid components and I am using relationships proposed by Chung et al. (1988).

The irony is while I am able to validate that I have coded the relationships well for gases like methane, oxygen but when I am trying to do with water, there is drastic difference, especially for T between 300 K and 700 K.

In order to check if it is only in my case, I was able to find an article where the authors are closer than NIST/CoolProp data base.

I also need to evaluate conductivity and I have same issues for water. In the temperature range mentioned, the conductivity even goes negative in some regions.

I am not able to understand how come it shows this anomaly only in case of water.

May some one help in this regard.


(P.S: I can share more info if required. Thanks)

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