Shallow soils have less than 50 cm depth of solum. Generally, they have a thin A horizon over the bedrock or the parent material. Shallow soils are common on hilltops, hillsides, and throughout mountainous regions, where the thin topsoil may be the only thing that lies between the ground surface and subsurface rock layers. They usually lack subsoil and may be poor in quality as well as thin. Some soils are considered shallow if they have root restrictive layers or shallow groundwater table so that roots cannot penetrate those shallow layers.

As mentioned in the above statement on the definition of the shallow soil. So, is there any one package to remedy the shallow soil or are there any integrated management practices for the reclamation of shallow soil

which suitable agronomic or horticultural crop to grow in it. Moreover, which suitable trees or fruit trees to grow in it, Therefore, my request is the practical suggestions to solve or manage this phenomenon is very important, besides the literature review, and articles also are needed.

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