Dear colleagues I have the following questions concerning the safety of mRNA vaccines targeting the spike protein of SARS-Cov2:

1) The vaccine elicits antibodies which block the peptide domain used by the S-protein to dock on the cytoplasmic membrane angiotensin ACE-2 receptor.

Do you have any research work done that proves that the vaccine elicited antibodies do not cross-react with the angiotensin peptide domain(s) and thus blocking it also? If such possibility exists, even at minimal level, the consequences would be very serious given the extensive role of angiotensin-II in our physiology

2) The incorporation of ribonucleotides in RNA synthesis is only done on the 3’ carbon in nature. However, chemically it is also possible to use the 2’ carbon. Since the mRNA vaccine is synthetic:

a) Does the mRNA vaccine include only mRNA molecules that are elongated on the 3’ carbon? b) What was done to avoid elongation on the 2’ carbon or to get red of it if the vaccine was produced as a mixture?

c) The mRNA is degraded post translation. Are our cells capable of degrading an mRNA that was synthesized using the 2’ carbon that do not exist in nature in live systems.

Abdel H. Labidi, MD, PhD

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