I have the following equation, Eating choice (Yes/No)~ Box type (A/B/C). So the question is whether a certain box type affects eating choice in groups of dogs. The eating choice of each member in a group from one (two or all three) of the boxes combined will give me the final choice of the group. I want to carry out a bayesian logistic regression. So bernoulli distribution with beta conjugate to be used. I have data from a previous experiment (analysed with frequentist methods) on the same equation (EC~ BT), but on individual dogs. So I have the following questions:

How do I find out the correct priors to use for the groups of dogs equation in a bayesian glm? Do I run the data from my previous experiment (individual dogs) through a bayesian glm with weakly informative or a non informative priors and then use the upper and lower limits of the posterior distribution as the prior for my new data? If this is incorrect, what should I do? Feel free to point me towards relevant articles and resources.

Other relevant information: I am using brms package in R. I have a biology background with minimal math experience. I am open to learning but I struggle if the articles/resources are math heavy in explanation.


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