27 February 2021 4 3K Report

I use XRD to calculate the crystallinity, referring to the following formula:CrI=(I(110)-Iam)/I(110) (I(110) is the maximum strength of (110) planes,Iam is the diffraction intensity corresponding to 2 θ = 16 °). But in my data, the diffraction peaks of (110) and (020) always recombine into one peak.Therefore, the result of deconvolution is always related to the factors of artificially selecting the peak position,which makes the calculation deviation of crystallinity larger.

Another formula :CrI=Acrystal/Atotal (Acrystal and Atotal are the diffraction peak areas of the crystalline region and the total region, respectively). But I don't know how to get the area of crystalline region, amorphous region and total region. Is there any calculation method and process that can be used in my data? If there are calculation details, it would be better. Thank you very much.

I have also characterized ATR and found that the crystallinity calculated by infrared intensity has exceeded 100%. I don't know what the problem is? The formula is:CrI=A1372/A2900

My raw data of XRD in various formats, deconvolution data, ATR raw data and images have all been uploaded. I hope you can help me. Thank you.

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