Hello everyone! I am trying to grow  rice in pots inside a growth chamber for the past 4 months in Arkansas, USA. All I am getting is the plant becomes yellow and slowly dies. In some, browning starts from the leaf tips and then progresses slowly and the plant dies completely. I have increased the dose of urea after chlorosis begins but it is not working. I applied ferrous sulphate (2%) to see if it is due to iron deficiency. Still, the result is same. My growing condition is 30 degree celsius day temperature for 16 hours followed by 26 degree celsius night temperature. Algae growth is seen on the soil surface but I dont think that can kill the plant completely. I am using topsoil and sungro mix soiless mix. I have tried with all possible combination and still the result is same. I inoculate the seeds in media after sterilization. Then I transfer them to peat pellets for hardening and then into pots. Please help. Attached are some images. 

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