17 January 2021 18 10K Report

Hey everyone!

I am designing my research design for the master thesis in psychology, and I have some problems deciding which analysis to choose.

To briefly describe my research problem...

  • I will analyze online shaming on social media. I will use qualitative method.
  • Specifically I will obtain data from social media - comments from users. So I will analyze comments that users wrote on the social media (for each case of online shaming).
  • Then I want to describe what is going on in the comments and which latent psychological constructs can be seen in the data. I have made some theoretical framework, and I want to see if I can interpret data with this theoretical framework, but at the same time I want to be open as researcher and to see what data is telling itself.

I have problems choosing between:

  • content analysis,
  • grounded theory or
  • some other analysis (e.g. discourse analysis etc.).
  • I want to analyze data in both ways at the same time — inductive and deductive — so both the content analysis and grounded theory can be used. But I have a dilemma deciding. In the coding I want to use both - pre-existing codes (that I want to create based on the literature review) and open coding. I have already talked to my mentor and she gave me option to decide by myself.

    I already read debate here on researchgate.net and if I am not wrong - the hybrid approach between inductive and deductive ways of coding can be used in content analysis? Is this true? Is there any research that used this hybrid approach yet? Some references (articles etc.) on this hybrid approach would be very useful, thank you!

    What would you suggest? Which analysis would you choose? Or you think is better to choose in my case?

    I will be beyond grateful for all your help and answers.

    Thank you.

    Best regards, Nejc Ašič

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