01 October 2019 3 1K Report

I am working on my Final Year Project, interested to look into emotional measurement of consumers in selected food product. One of the aspects in emotion measurement, I am interested to find out the baseline mood of the consumers before introducing them to any context which might stimulate their mood where it suppose to help to immerse them into the different context introduced to them.

Below is more information on my project which leads to why I am interested in measuring baseline mood:

With the results collected of consumers' baseline mood, this allows me to see the bigger picture of the set of results collected. To elaborate on, it allows me to see whether the results collected for my main study - impact of context on emotional response is it accurate? or could the results be affected by the mood the participants have on that day/ at that moment (e.g. bad mood due to traffic jam, excited because going for a food sensory testing, etc). This is the purpose of measuring the baseline mood.

Therefore, it will be really helpful to recommend some articles on the type of scale to measure the baseline mood of consumers.

Thank you! :)

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