Dear all,

I just saw this example in FB on the difference between laminar flow and turbulent flow. The flow from a pipe hits the sink and scattered. The flow from the pipe is characterized as laminar flow while the scattered flow is marked as turbulent.

I understood that based on the properties like unsteady, zigzag manner, random and chaotic movement the flow is described as turbulent.

But my doubt is

1)It was mentioned that Reynolds number greater than 4000. What is the characteristic length used to determine the Reynolds number? The scattered flow is not a pipe flow and it is in the basin. So we need to consider dimension of sink or diameter of tap from which it falls to determine the characteristics length?

2)The flow is no more in pipe, then how come limit of 4000 can be used. Now the flow is free atmosphere, so the limit should not be changed to 1e5 (like normal flow over airfoil)

3)I feel that this flow is PSEUDO TURBULENT flow. Am I correct in my assumption?

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