Hi All,

I have some compounds and I'd like to examine how they effect the expression of nitrogen transporters in maize (corn) roots.  My plan is to grow corn in a defined media (i.e. Yoshida's) in varying amounts of nitrogen in the presence/absence of the compounds.  The roots will be harvested, following RT-qPCR.

Can anyone direct me to information/advice (i.e. papers, reviews, assays, etc.) pertaining to nitrogen uptake via transporters in maize?  It'd be even better if I could get my hands on some published qPCR primers(!).  A basic literature search thus far, has suggested different types of transporters (i.e. AMTs, TIPS,) but I'd like to get more of them.  I figure there's folks here who are experts in this kind of stuff.

This is a very new subject to me, so anything will be helpful!



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