Dear colleagues/friends/Professors;

After graduation in geotechnics (2017) and considering my master background and some research interests, I have decided to start a new Ph.D. in the field of Environmental Sciences.

I have civil environmental engineering master degree from Tehran University (Top student with GPA: 19.68/20) and many published paper in this field. My future interests in the new Ph.D. position are:

-Water resource management problems

-Water, soil and wastewater pollution and treatment problems

-Landfill and energy generation problems

-Sustainable development and green spaces problems

** Air pollution and climate changes

I have finished Ph.D. in geotechnics (Geoenvironmental engineering) and I am familiar with FEM, modeling, Matlab, Statistic, experimental works and writing papers. I deeply interested to find a new Ph.D. position in one of the mentioned fields and I am ready for the hard working time. My CV and Motivation letter are ready for sending as well.

I will appreciate if you kindly help me to find a new Ph.D. position in this filed in a prestigious University and research team.


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