I am currently developing a detailed simulation model of a remote off-grid Hybrid Renewable Energy System consisting of a diesel plant, solar array and a battery unit.

When a diesel genset is operating, it generates the grid-forming action by providing the voltage and frequency references for stable power system operation (genset support mode). However, there can be scenarios when the diesel genset goes out of operation and the load is supplied solely by the PV and Battery unit (isolated mode). In the latter case, at least one inverter-interfaced energy resource has to form the grid, regulating voltage and frequency, what can be very challenging considering the conditions prevailing in these remote power systems (reduced inertia, unbalanced loads).

Both the solar array and the battery unit is interfaced separately to the point of common coupling via a DC/DC converter and a VSC.

I am currently researching on appropriate methods to configure the battery-VSC to achieve the grid-forming control for the isolated mode.

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