According to WHO nearly everyone can get vaccinated. However, because of some medical conditions, some people should not get certain vaccines. These conditions include:

· Chronic illnesses or treatments (like chemotherapy) that affect the immune system;

· Severe and life-threatening allergies to vaccine ingredients,

· If you have severe illness and a high fever on the day of vaccination.

These factors often vary for each vaccine.

On the other hand the United States Vaccine Safety System ensures that all vaccines are as safe as possible. Even though kidney transplant recipients were not included in these early COVID-19 clinical trials, many physicians believe the COVID-19 vaccine will be safe for these patients because the virus used to make the vaccine is not living. The safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine in people who have had a kidney transplant is not yet known. To date, there is no data on whether any patients with chronic kidney disease at any stage or those on dialysis participated in the COVID-19 clinical trials. Patients with chronic kidney disease could get COVID-19 vaccine?

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