I am working on cathode material. I have made different Li-ion coin cell against Li metal using commercial available cathode materials such as LCO,LMO, LFP and NMC and also with the lab synthesized cathode material.

Typical cell combination I am using

85 (AM):10(Super P):5 (pVdF)

LiCoO2/1M LiPF6 in ECC:EMC:DMC:VC/ Li Metal

Pre dried powder at 80 C

Coating thickness= 40 um

electrode diameter= 15 mm

Average Loading of electrode material = 4- 5 mg

In all case I get good charge-discharge response at Lower rates such as @ 0.2 C , 0.1C, C/2, C. But when I am testing at higher rate such as 2C, 3C or 5C it failed even for the commercial purchased electrode material. I am confused how to test the material at higher C rate.

Till now what I have did to solve this problem-

1. I have checked by reducing the coating thickness.

2. Made some variation in calendaring process.

But still problem persist!!

I am hoping that somebody will give me some suggestion regarding that.

Thank You in advance.

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