Question to you and THEM, the New Journal, "Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science" -- do you not know, and have you not seen, this done before?

There appears to be a core problem for the entire journal (its mission) (and AS shown by several authors of Articles, there, "in a row") : The intentions seem wonderful (again!). But, as I have indicated and justified: multi-disciplinary or inter-disciplinary "work" ARE __NOT__ the answer. WHY? Simple: We do NOT need to put more together "in our heads" (in ANY way or sense) -- THAT, basically is THE PROBLEM. With this Problem, will not come a solution. BUT, I have tried to provide a solution, bit-by-bit (at least), most days over many years now. Read me for a STARK alternative -- and, an alternative in more than one sense. Seek, there, and ye shall find A SOLUTION. (It is Definitely NOT what "you think".)

I am unfortunately, likely, to be the only one to offer this OR a solution (and it is not because "I am smart" -- I am not so much; you can determine the answer to THAT, along with all else). (I am "going", so do not fail yourselves.)

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