18 January 2021 12 8K Report


I am starting a project that will require an eye tracking device. I've seen eye tracking hardware + software solutions that are $10,000+ so I am hoping to find one that is significantly less than that. I am not sure which one to buy so I was wondering if I could have some suggestions.

Here are some specifications/requirements we have:

  • The eye tracker needs to be portable. It will be taken to multiple data collection sites.
  • We will need two of them
  • Ideally something that is standalone, like attached to the bottom of a computer monitor
  • The scenarios will not be short - they will be 15 to 30 minutes long.
  • The eye tracker needs to have a decent level of accuracy but it does not need to be the best.
  • The eye tracker will need to pick up on general areas people are looking and how frequently they move their eyes
  • We want to record # of fixations
  • We want to record fixation duration
  • Probably 60hz
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