17 November 2020 3 3K Report

Hi everybody,

I am beginning with the inclusion of biological samples (fish larvae) in resin (i.e. Technovit 7100). I am experimenting some troubles during the cut at the microtome (I would like to cut at 4 microns). I have a Leica RM2125 RTS (a manual one), which I have upgraded with a knife holder base "non-orientable" and a knife holder type N, plus a Kultzer blade holde and Technovit histoblades. I began working with an angle of the whole knife of 10°, since in the past I had cut samples with that angle but using a different Leica microtome (equipped with the same stuffs I wrote above). However, my slices completely break on the microtome, and the blade makes a terrible noise during cutting. The strange thing is that I cannot find any configuration that solve my problem (I've tried to change angle, blade, orientation of the sample etc), but sometimes I can save some good slices (without making any noise of the blade and intact). When I change sample, I meet the same problem again. I have tried on blocks with the biological sample inside, and blocks without any sample inside, only resin, but the result is quite the same.

Can anyone help me? I think the protocol inclusion is ok, just in case I am preparing other samples to confirm that anything was good.

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