Hello every one

I was wondering if someone could help me solve the problem that I have with my Mass Spectrometer.

Actually I have already calibrated my MS device for a mixture of 60% Ar and 40 % of a NO2 in He mixture (8% NO2 and 92% He). when I measure the flow percentages after calibration the device tells me that your flow is consists of 3.2 % NO2, 60% Ar and 36.8% He which is obviously correct. but when I remove the Ar in order to measure just the NO2/He flow I expect it to show me 8% NO2 and 92% He, but it shows me higher percentages for NO2 and I don't know why. Is there any body who can help me solve this problem? (NOTE: I'm using QGA software for my calibrations)

Thanks in advanced for your helps.

Kind regards.

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