Ten disproved Nobel medals render so many laureates along with Stockholm and Sweden itself your idol’s personal enemies.

My hero is Zwicky who outwitted humankind ever since 1929. The new fundamental science of Cryodynamics is his brainchild, revived 8 years ago with maximum promises for the energetic future of humankind.

CERN, however, is betting earth against Zwicky, and it in doing so the European Center for Nuclear Research hopes that no one realizes the fact that CERN cannot renew its own learned planetary safety report LSAG for 12 years’ time. It to this end leaves the LSAG undated – so not a single media person has so far been strong enough to raise a question.

A dark age of 90 years duration is unprecedented in modern history. “Three feeble-minded generations” is not only unheard of: it is totally unsellable to the public because it means that all of us, all media included, have to confess mental incompetence. No chance for that to occur, right?

So the normally sound human common sense is for once leading humankind astray. And this for almost a century. Zwicky did everything in his might to cry fire but would only end up as a scientific clown.

Like the weeping clown Grock who could only move the hearts of children. Are you one of those children whose heart can be melted?

February 17, 2020

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