13 January 2021 1 10K Report

I want the info (gene name, metabolic pathway, and organism of origin) of some key identified metatranscriptome genes obtained from MG Rast (I have the sequences). The KEGG ftp site seems to require a very expensive subscription (https://www.genome.jp/kegg/download/). Are KEGG sequence files available elsewhere online so that one could build a local db to aquire above info?

I know you can download the KEGG annotated sequences from MG Rast, but that does not give the info that I want including the gene name, pathway and organism of interest. You can do a blast of each of these sequences on the KEGG blast site, but I have around a thousand genes that I want to analyse, and seeing that I can only do one blast at a time (without subscription mentioned above) it will take FOREVER. Thus I want to build a local db.

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