According to a 2008 article by David Hambling in NEW SCIENTIST, an FOIA document about research conducted by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), the R&D agency of the U.S. Justice Department, stated that NIJ had issued an RFP for a maser-like device able to target and inflict non-lethal pain on a person through opaque, thick, and dense barriers, a complement to a similar non-lethal weapon using a laser beam that is blocked by an opaque object.

[ ]. (NEW SCIENTIST, week of December 24, 2008).

      The laser weapon has been reported to exist and be under examination for use by prison guards. There has been no published report about the analogous maser-like weapon having been developed. Presumably the maser-like device would be designed to stimulate a pain response in neural circuitry rather than create a blast of heat. What measuring device could detect the beam of such a maser-like non-lethal pain weapon?

      The equipment used by McCarty et al. in the 2011 article, “Electromagnetic hypersensitivity, evidence for a novel neurological syndrome”, by McCarty, Carrubba, Chesson, Frilot, Gonzalez-Toledo, and Marino in INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE. They found that a pulsed microwave beam can cause muscle tremor, twitching, pain, and interference with a heart’s beating. [  ] and [ ].    



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