Hello All,

I have written a UMAT code to predict the anisotropic elastoplastic behavior of a material (with damage). I have applied this UMAT to a single quad element and it works as predicted. It also works for some multi-elements models with a very coarse mesh (e.g. 5*5*5), but when I apply it to multiple elements model with a little finer mesh (e.g. 10*10*10) it breaks down from the beginning and even cannot start the elastic phase.

Can anyone help me how to solve this problem? I would appreciate all related comments.

As some researchers suggested, I saved my results (Stress and DDSDDE) in a text file for element=1 and npt=1. This loading is a uniaxial loading in which there is only sigma_33. I am not sure how this text file can help me. As you see it cannot progress beyond Kinc=1.



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