I want to make electrospinning scaffold with PLA/PCL/PMMA/Collagen with these methods:

1. I use chloroform:methanol 3:1 to dissolve PLA (mW 80.000, 2 wt%), PCL (mW 70.000, 3 wt%), and PMMA mW 350.000, 5 wt%). Each of polymers is stirred for 3 hours and then I mixed together for 3 hours.

2. I use acetic acid 80% to dissolve collagen (8 wt%) and stirred it for 3 hours.

3. I mixed polymers solution with collagen for 3 hours.

4. I dont use any heating system/high temperature at all to dissolve them together.

I use these electrospinning parameters:

1. I use needle electrospinning with 10 cm, 1.5 ml/h, and 20 kV. I have used lower voltage and this problem still occured. I found that the minimum voltage to produce this nanofiber is 10 kV.

2. I did some research and found that this problem is likely to be occured because the voltage is too high. I've tried at minimum voltage (10 kV), but this problem still happened.

2. I place tissue paper at the bottom of needle. I have a little suspicion with the tissue paper. Is there by any chance this tissue paper could affect this problem?

Instead of being deposited on the aluminium foil, the fibers hanging like web between needle and collector, and not many of them could deposited at the aluminium foil.

How to solve this hanging web electrospun fiber problem (early solidification) in my case?

Thank you so much for your help.

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