13 December 2020 6 9K Report

Dear community , currently working on emotions recognition , as a first step I'm trying to extract features , I was checking some recources , I found that they used the SEED dataset , it contains EEG signals of 15 subjects that were recorded while the subjects were watching emotional film clips. Each subject is asked to carry out the experiments in 3 sessions. There are 45 experiments in this dataset in total. Different film clips (positive, neutral, and negative emotions) were chosen to receive highest match across participants. The length of each film clip is about 4 minutes. The EEG signals of each subject were recorded as separate files containing the name of the subjects and the date. These files contain a preprocessed, down-sampled, and segmented version of the EEG data. The data was down-sampled to 200 Hz. A bandpass frequency filter from 0–75 Hz was used. The EEG segments associated with every movie were extracted. There are a total of 45 .mat files, one for each experiment. Every person carried out the experiment three times within a week. Every subject file includes 16 arrays; 15 arrays include preprocessed and segmented EEG data of 15 trials in one experiment. An array named LABELS contains the label of the corresponding emotion- al labels (−1 for negative, 0 for neutral, and +1 for positive). I found that they loaded each dataset separately (negative , neutral , positive) , and they fixed length of signal at 4096 and number of signal for each class at 100 , and fixed number of features extracted from Wavelet packet decomposition at 83 , my question is why they selected 83 , 4096 and 100 exactly ?

I know that my question is a bit long but I tried to explain clearly the situation , I appreciate your help thank you .

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