After measuring the capacitance vs frequency for my MIM capacitor consisting of alternate layers of TiO2 &Al2O3 , there is a rise in capacitance value of ~ 20-160 nF at 100 hz, starting to rise up around ~600 hz and sometimes around 1k and it goes on increasing with decreasing frequency without any step like behaviour( with leakage current ~10^-5 A at 1 v) . I doubt this rise in capacitance is due to electrode polarization (or DC conductivity) not maxwell-wagner type dielctric-diectric interfacial polarization. So how people do segregate these two contributions to confirm and also at what lower frequency range should both electrode and MW relaxations should appear, is there any clear demarkation?

I have added 2 image files of capacitance vs freq. of same MIM device before and after annealing, for reference. I want to know the specific reason behind the enhanced capacitance in annealed sample?

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