Hi, Folks.

I am working on the ALD project to deposit Al2O3 on the Si wafer from TMA and Water.

I have struggled with the preparation of OH- terminated Si wafer.

I have both Si(1 0 0) and Si(1 1 1) wafers.

Some folks say here that the Si wafers have native SiO2 on the Si wafer surface when the Si wafer is exposed to atmospheric oxygen. The native SiO2 can be removed from the RCA cleaning or HF. Some folks say that there will be H- terminated Si wafer surface after cleaning HF. However, several article mentioned the preparation of OH-terminated Si wafer can be produced with DI water rinsing on Si(100) wafer, followed by dipping in a 5% HF solution. I searched many articles and I concluded that the best cleaning method for Si wafer is RCA cleaning. After cleaning Si with RCA cleaning, what will be the composition of the Si wafer surface?

I am so confused about how to prepare OH- terminated Si wafer. Al2O3 ALD deposition from TMA and Water requires OH-group on the surface. If there is -H group formed, the process get trouble, I think.

It would be highly appreciated if you folks share your opinion and advice.


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