My name is Kudirat, I am from University of Barcelona at  Department of Analytical chemistry mainly in Chemometrics group.

At this moment  we are trying to obtain cryosections of  crustacean in this case Daphnia Magna which has not been sucessful. The anatomy of the Daphnia is destroyed while cryosectioning, possibly due to the resistance of the carapace.

 1) This is what we have done.

Firstly, we orientate the sample with 100 % OCT  and flash freeze with liquid nitrogen. After then we stored at -80 ºC and cut between the range of 15 - 20 um

 2) What we have not done, 

Fix the sample, this is just because we thought it can damage our sample since we want to acquire images with FT-IR spectroscopy.

We will appreciate any response which can help us.

Thank you

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