According to Kuhn, a paradigm change in science, that means an epistemological change, requests the agreement of the scientific community, like it is arrived with the institution of quantum physics. In medicine a new paradigm of Medical Science has been proposed and applied in Medical Education in 1998 at the Milan School of Medicine , with the introduction of Person Centered Clinical Method and after the presentation of the new person centered interactionist and teleological health paradigm in 2005 ,presented at WHO (by invitation) in 2011 along with Person Centered Medicine, Medical Education change the paradigm change has been formalized on 13-14-15 October in Milan along with the presentation of “La Charte Mondiale de la Santé-the World Health Charter”.

The person-centered paradigm change of Medicine,Health, Medical Education and research corresponds to re-birth of clinics like a discipline addressed to discover the individuality of the patient in a disease and not the opposite, reducing him/her to an abstract theory. To date it is impossible because the same basic sciences , neurobiology, physiology, psycho-neuro- immune-endocrinology (PNEI) , already at experimental level, evidenced the end of a mechanistic , deterministic paradigm in Medical Science and the birth o f a person centered one (Person Centered Medicine) , that discriminates biological reactions, whose variability is determined by the person’s existential choices (life style and quality) from biological constants , responsible of biological life, according the Relativity Theory of Biological Reactions (1996)

I invite you to read the e-book “ Medical Science and Health Paradigm Change” and to give your “YES or NOT” about this paradigm change determinant for the destiny of Medicine , Medical Science and Medical Education, reformulating in a new way the epistemological principles of medicine, clinical method and clinical supervision

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