Dear distinguish professors and scholars,

I have a research in measuring two kinds: think tank capacity and research impact on policy. Can I do two kinds of mixed methods in order to find, "Is there any influence of think tank capacity to research impact on policy?"

Here what I mean by 'two kinds of mixed method':

To measure capacity of a think tank, I will use triangulation convergence mixed method. In QUAN, I will perform survey as data collection. In the same time, I will perform document review as QUAL. After doing analysis of data from each collection, then I am going to compare and contrast to get interpretations from both QUAN + QUAL.

Next, I will use explanatory follow-up mixed method to assess impact of research on policy. Here sequentially, I am going to use documents analysis as QUAN part following by interview as qual. Whether research has an impact on policy determined from the interpretation of result QUAN → qual.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions and input for me.


Please find the diagram or picture of both mixed methods to clarify what I mean above.

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