Hi everyone! I have a question for my farm compost.

So i just do my research and try to look for a compost with :

around 3.5% of Total N Content,

around 5% for my P2O5 content, and

around 1.5% for my K2O content.

And i just wonder, if i just combine :

Cocoa shell meal with 2.5% N, 1% P2O5, and 2.5% of K2O,


Worm casting that has 1.5% N, 2.5% P2O5, and 1.3% K2O,

Would it turns my compost into 4% N, 3.5% P2O5, and 5% K2O just like that?

i'm so confused as i'm not really good in both chemistry :D (as a geophysics engineer, chemistry is such a hard subject for me).


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