Hi there. I'm doing some work in Sodankyla, Finland which is quite high north and a bit remote. I need to get frozen/refridgerated samples back to the Netherlands. I'm limited in my materials to only liquid nitrogen (no dry ice available) and we are flying back. I've tried FedEx but they require us to prepare the package with dry ice which we don't have available (also with no guarantee that they arrive). Someone recommended dry cool boxes which use liquid nitrogen, but I cannot find any which would be suitable to put all my plant samples in which would be able to take on the plane which has a restriction of 8kgs as carry on. Does anyone have any other suggestions or options which they could recommend?

In case you ask, the plant samples I need them to get chlorophyll, phenols, etc. so keeping it at cool temperatures and dark is quite essential and I cannot do this processing up north.

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