Hello researchers, Hello Castalia3.2 researchers

I am a beginner with Castalia, I work on optimization of RFID systems used in wireless body networks. I simulated a WBAN with 10 nodes and one coordinator under Castalia using the standard modules of Castalia 3.2 (MAC,Radio, pathloss wireless channel), just i have defined the necessary parameters (omnetpp.ini) like the example BANtest in Castalia.

Now, i want to work on the improvement and a new implementation of the BaselineBANMAC module (BAN protocol) and the radio module to find good results for latency, consumed energy and Throughput (Received Packet).

Do have any idea to help me or can you propose to me works that i can consult or researchers that I can contact to start an implementation under Castalia, my goal is to know how I can improve a WBAN network and how start an implementation of the two new modules: MAC Layer (IEEE 802.15.6) and radio layer.

Thank you in advance

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