I am newbie to battery materials. As I understand, specific capacity of a battery-type material can be expressed in term of C/g or mAh/g and can be calculated from the cyclic voltammetry (CV) or galvanostatic charge-discharge (GCD) curves.

The papers that I have found show only how to calculate specific capacity in mAh/g.

Specific capacity (mAh/g) from CV: C=∫Idv/(2*3.6*m*v)

Specific capacity (mAh/g) from GCD: C=I∆t/(3.6*m)

where ‘∫Idv’ implies area under the CV curve, ‘m’ signifies mass (g) of active electrode, ‘v’ specifies the scan rate, ‘I’ implies current intensity, '∆t' is discharge time.

Please guide me how to calculate specific capacity in C/g?

If possible, please show me a reference with the detailed calculation or formula.

Thank you so much.

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