Hi biologists and biogeomorphologists,

I want to characterize vegetation plots on a transect that follows a successionnal gradient from a river bed to a mature forest. Ecologically, I am interested in two variables : species richness and species relative cover%.

I would like to keep a 4x4m quadrat for all the stratas present on the transect (herbs, shrubs and trees envrionment) to have homogeneous samples for further analsysis. Now, I need to find a way to estimate the trees relative canopy cover over the 4x4 plots in the woody area.

What do you think of the spherical densiometer? Can it be inappropriate considering it has a fish eye perspective? Also, I am wondering how hard it can be to link the right species to the branches we see on the mirror.

If you have experiences with this tool or have some other alternative ideas, i'd be happy to hear you!


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