Arguments are made in research that galaxy clusters accelerate away from each other, but not uniformly among the galaxies. Lagrangian Function and Lagrangian Density give ways to describe movement of many objects that are subject to gravity and kinetic energy. In Lagrangian the kinetic energy including radiation counter acts the potential energy including gravity.

In a previous thread it was suggested that passage of time might stop in regions where the mass density of gas decreases below a critical value, representing collapse of 4D vacuum to 3D vacuum. Prevailing thought in research is that collapse of false vacuum propagates everywhere at light speed, turning any mass it encounters in to photons, stopping the passage of time until the photon density increases sufficiently to make particle pairs everywhere from photons colliding with photons. It seems to need more than one variety of time, as was suggested in other threads.

In previous work I produced an estimate that flat space may occur about 115 million light years from our local group center of mass, beyond which the curvature of space could become negative and repulsive. This requires radiation density to exceed mass density. in the Lagrangian and the excess radiation to increase in deep space.. Research has not described well how that situation could exist. Dark energy was invented to give an explanation for deficiency in the FLRW metric, which now is corrected with Lagrangian Density, eliminating the need for dark energy.

One explanation for acceleration of galaxy clusters might be conversion of mass to photons in remote collapse of false vacuum. The extent would not be uniform among the clusters. In that case a false vacuum could be propagating toward us at light speed, not detectable until it arrives, maybe in 115 million years.

There are other possible explanations. Example while radiation disperses by inverse square law, mass density may decrease more quickly with distance. Difficulty is to explain why it would happen now and not all through history of the universe.

Is Acceleration Of Galaxy Clusters Evidence Of Collapsing False Vacuum?

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