Small firms mostly encounter the challenge of promoting innovations due to their limited resources. Accelerating the transfer of knowledge from external sources, knowledge spillovers enable the firms to acquire new knowledge and recognize invaluable opportunities. Thus, the utilization of knowledge spillovers would bring various beneficial consequences in all stages of open innovation process such as low cost knowledge acquisition, recognizing the opportunities of partnership, finding new ideas of commercializing unexploited technologies and adopting new methods of managing incentives and controls. However the spillover of knowledge would be available for all the competitors, only those strategically allocate their capabilities to explore new knowledge and exploit their innovations could gain more advantages. 

In this regards, some interesting questions would arise:

1) What kind of institutional mechanisms can promote open innovation through strategic use of knowledge spillovers?

2) How can firms decrease the cost of openness by utilizing knowledge spillovers? 

3) How would knowledge spillovers lead firms to integrate different forms of openness in order to experience the growth?

4) How can knowledge spillovers provide new ways for the firms to work with external actors?

5) How can knowledge spillovers widen the search breath and accelerate the process of scanning for the external expertise?

6) How can firms benefit from knowledge spillovers through different forms of open innovation such as Acquiring, Sourcing, Selling and Revealing?

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