Could you please help me, with brief instructions, on how to make my simulation work?

I have a feeder, with buses, loads, lines, etc, and one IED with 67N element at the first bus, aka the substation. There are also CT and VT. When I simulate a single line to ground fault, in some point of the feeder, and look the time-overcurrent plot, there is no way to have the 67N activated when it is set to forward (neither reverse) direction. If I set none to the direction (like 50N), it works.

Another situation: using 67 phase element, still simulating the single line to ground fault, it works forward, doesn't do anything reversed (so this is working as expected).

What am I missing to make the 67N operate? Is it something related to the zero sequence of currents/voltages? Do I have to adjust more configurations?

I appreciate any tips to understand what is going on.

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